Let me start by confessing that I am never patient, even as I share this post I understand how overwhelming it can be to wait. Nevertheless I have come to learn that waiting needs grace especially if it’s for something you truly desire.
While I was thinking of what to share and minister out I felt drawn to write about the lady in waiting, specifically those who are waiting for ‘Mr. Right’. I believe in doing things right, and being able to uphold the principles and values you have set in whatever situation.
I have been with ladies who are waiting; I have had the privilege to hear their story. So I know how the heart can desire and long. However I ask myself is our singleness a ministry or a burden. Are we the lady waiting, in the Lord or we are busy searching even in the most unexpected places (the trash).
Allow me to share with you some things I have considered to be important even as you wait. Whether you have waited for 10 years or 2 months I believe it applies to all regardless of the time difference.

1.     You are complete; you are not a fraction just because you are single. You are whole to be complimented.
2.     Your present circumstance is not a shock to the Lord; He knows and still has a plan for your life. Search for Him to give you an understanding and His desire for you in your singleness.
3.     You are not living in someone else purpose, plans or dreams so stop fussing when your friends are getting married and you are not.
4.     Being single is not a taboo or a curse, choose to live your life as a woman who understand whose you are and where you are headed to.
5.     You are a living sacrifice, a temple of the Lord. Keep your mind and body pure, with the understanding that your body is the Lord’s dwelling place. Withdraw yourself from the ‘biological clock’ theory and have a pure heart that seeks the Lord while in waiting.
6.     Just because no one is asking you out doesn’t mean that we should hold a pity party to keep your spirit up. There are more to life than that. Yourself assurance is in Christ not worldly pleasures.
7.     Kissing many frogs is a fairy tale story stop losing your self-worth to any one that calls themselves frogs to be kissed. You are better than a frog kisser (why a frog in the first place).
8.     You know what kind of a man you want, that’s good, are you the ‘right’ kind of woman? Are you even ready to be one? Take this time to prepare yourself for the role of being a wife and for the marriage.(Harsh but true) 
9.     Just because he buys all the things you want and takes you to places you dream of even when it cost you more than what you get from him; your values, your principles and your boundaries  which are broken every time. It does not mean you should overlook the truth.
10. Understand your values as a woman even as you wait and be willing to uphold them even if it takes 5 years.
11. As I mentioned (4) stop making life hard for yourself and hard for those who wish to love you in your singleness. Love the Lord and work out the things drifting you off His presence.

12. Be willing to be found, I realize we live in a society where ‘Miss independence’ rules the world and a times we cloud ourselves with worldly possession that we forget that we need others. We are relational beings not possession wonders. Be ready and available, a tea date, coffee date won’t make your world stop 🙂
I recommend one of my awesome sermons by T.D Jakes Sermon ‘Junk in the Trunk’. Here is the link ‘Junk in the trunk’ by T.D Jakes (Enjoy)
With Love,
Mrs. Ouma

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