I am So Busy, The Lord Understands

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If you have ever been to the city mall you can attest that it is one busy place. There is something always going on from one shop to another and even the ones that sales the same stuff they try as much as possible to impress you to buy from them.

I was just reflecting on my life some day back as I read the word, the Lord begun to minister to me about my spiritual life. How am I walking as I live my life here on earth? How busy am I for the things of the Lord or has the worldly cares taken over me. Just like the city mall, one building but filled with different shops I realized that I have been so occupied and Ill confess, not always with the things of the Lord.

John 2:13-21

Here is Jesus entering the temple, He is looking forward to meet people who are dwelling in the Lord, learning from the scriptures and just being tuned to their spiritual journey. But that is not what He finds, rather He sees the temple has been turned to a market place. All sorts of things are being sold and mind you the Passover of the Jews was nearing, this people are so taken away by the worries of life that none of them realizes that they are in a place where the Lord wants to dwell with them.

I read these and I am made to ponder over my life, the Lord’s temple, you see for me to say my body is the temple of God I have to have an understanding of what the temple of God is.

The temple is the Lord’s dwelling place, a place of worship and just like the Jews and the pharisees I have found myself most so often doing the opposite. I have taken the cares of the world into my life and even the hours when the Lord is seeking me I am either busy or quick to leave His presence because I got something to do.

I Corinthians 16:19 – 20

To offer your body as a living sacrifice is not just you saying I love God and going to church, it means to totally release yourself off the responsibility and cares of life and allow Christ to take control.

A times that’s not what we want, we usually feel we know what we want and God has to do for us what we want. I’ll be honest it doesn’t work like that, yes you have desires and truly the Lord desires to hear of them but He desires more of you to want to be of Him. If you believe you can share all your needs to Him and He will answer then how hard can it be to just believe that all He has for you is for your good and surrender your life completely and put down the pen and allow Him to write your story.

Often when we say ‘my body is the temple of God’, we base it only on the issue of fornication which I am glad you realise that it defiles the temple of God. However there are other things that are defiling the Lord’s temple everyday and we have made them okay and said ‘that’s life’ but is it really!. If my life is the Lord’s dwelling place then I believe it should just be a place where the Lord dwell everyday and every time and anytime.

Some of us we are so crowded with the things of the Lord yet we have no time for the Lord. Every time He wants to hear your heart beat but you are all over the place, I am not saying it is wrong to do the Lord’s work nevertheless my question is ‘How can you speak about someone, work for someone, share about someone that you don’t even have time for’. If I didn’t know my boss, I don’t think I would be working in this company, the fact that he is always in the office and we go for meetings and we share and I listen to what he wants of me I am able to do my work well.

That’s the same with Christ, you are so busy speaking about Him yet you don’t even know His heart beat, you never spend time with Him all you do is move from morning to morning and no time in all those hours you are found tapping at His feet. You are lying to yourself and your temple (spiritual being) will one day fall before you because you never allowed Christ to dwell and your worship was not to Him but to things.

Today if I may ask what is it that has taken over the Lord’s temple, what is it that Christ needs to throw out. Is it that relationship, that man that you are busy sleeping with and he is not your husband, is it your friends the ones that always has control on what you do or say, is it your tongue and your constant gossiping, is it your desire to have a husband yet you don’t even create time for the one that died for you willingly, is it what the society dictates to be right and you are not worried that you are not right with God. Maybe it’s your past heart break and you are always crying about it day and night and it powering you more.

One thing I do believe for sure is that if we choose to let go and let Christ be then we are in a better place. How do we do this, if you may ask, choose to;

  • Accept that the Lord is in control and He is the authority over your life
  • Dwell in the Lord’s presence, read His word, meditate on it and allow Him to minister to you
  • Surrender your life and your heart beat and allow Him to dwell in His temple
  • Be available for the Lord in all times because one busy temple = one shuttered life
  • Open your heart and hear His heart beat and His desire for His Temple and it will always stand

Remember we are not a physical being in a spiritual body rather we are a spiritual beings in a physical body. Your physical body will fade away, all the beauty will one day fade away but your spiritual being will never fade away so feed it well. Give it life, what are you allowing to take place in your life, are you worried about your body more than your your spiritual being, are you giving it much attention the way you give to what you dress on, what is it that is consuming you and denying the Lord a chance to feel you.

If you are like me then I guess you desire to be nourished and your spiritual being (His temple) to be full of the Lord’s glory. If that is so, do the right thing. drop down that pen and allow Him to write your life story.

With deepest Love,
Mrs. Ouma.

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