The Walk of Faith

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I looked back and I had to ask myself if that was the right move. I remember calling her stupid, maybe it was her act that seemed so or it was her attitude. At that point a million thoughts run through my mind and calling her that seemed the right choice.
A few minutes later I wondered if it was worth it, did I have to do/say that? What did I really gain out of it? Because even after calling her that her face didn’t show any form of remorse. Then again I ask, was it her or me who needed to be remorseful.
Sometimes we find ourselves in situation that can cause us to get out of our Christian character. We start speaking words that are ungodly and that are hurtful, then I realized that David’s Words in Psalms 119:11; 
Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee,
was not to make us feel cooler than the rest but to constantly remind us that we need the Lord always and His word to guard us.
Did I come out victorious? Maybe I did, maybe realizing that I was wrong to call her that no matter how much my humanly heart felt she deserved it, makes it all worth it.
The most amazing part of it all is that I know that I need the Lord always in my walk. Now more than ever I believe grace and mercy from the Lord keeps me alive.

With Sincere Love
Betty Jacob. O

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