His Grace

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I have been away for a long time, for a moment I couldn’t remember how to write a post on blogspot or even to publish it. But I am glad to be back, back from my procrastination and laziness. Has it been worth it……I wish I could say yes. However, my time away has been a mixture of different seasons.

First, my family increased by one (a son was born) and it has been the most amazing, awesome, joyful moment of my life. He is the most energetic boy I have ever seen and I am so thankful for him. For the Lord to trust us to raise him in His ways is one responsibility that I take as a great honor.

Secondly, we are weeks away from a new addition to the family, and this has been a true mixture of emotions unlike my first pregnancy this has been so different. The kind of different that I don’t know how to explain other than if it wasn’t for the Lord, I don’t know if I would have made it this far.

Coming back to blogging and sharing my journey of grace I realise that the Lord is so graceful. I have been away for almost two years and some months and I am here writing as if it was just yesterday that I posted my last blog. He is patient with us that sometimes we don’t even see it, we live our life as if its normal to just wake up, eat and even sleep. However, I am learning that it’s not, I am learning that it’s the Lord in every second, minute and hour of our life.

We are living upon His grace, and because of that I pray that I will never forget that it’s not about my ability to write, to be a mother or to be a wife. But it’s about what He has given me in such a time as this. That I may be a witness to the end of the world.

I love my Lord, my God of second chances, never giving up on us. Always welcoming us back when we run away from Him. When we shut our ears from His voice and live our day as if it’s our right. May the Lord forgive me that I have been just that.

Happily I rejoice that I am the Lord’s and I know that I am alive because He is.

God Bless You all

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