Cough and Flu Syrup for babies

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As a mummy of two kids every small change in my babies’ wellbeing is always a concern. Especially with this cold weather a cough and a running nose is one of those thing I dread, however, there is nothing one can do other than to treat it once your child has it.

I don’t love pumping medication into my children’s system so when I found this easy to do remedy for cold and flu for babies I said let me try it for my two year old son. And I will be honest I had never felt like a power mum like I did that day.

What I love most is that this cold and flu syrup is made from two things that are readily available in your kitchen store.

What You Need
Onions (I use red onions)
Clean Container

Slice the onions into thin round disk
In your container place the sliced onions to cover the base of your container, pour sugar to cover the top of the onions in the container stack another layer of onions covered with sugar.

I usually do 3 layers; however, it depends with the size of your container and the size of onions.
Your last layer should be covered with sugar, then cover tight your container and allow it to rest for 1 hour. That will allow the sugar to draw out the liquid within the sugar which becomes the syrup.

Remove the onions and there you have it cold and flu syrup remedy
Give your baby one teaspoon twice or thrice for two days and I am sure you shall see the difference. It works for me, hope it will with your young ones.

Let me know how it goes when you try it
*the amount of sugar used might be a lot so I usually give warm water after that, if you get to use honey as substitute of sugar and it works, too let me know as well.

God Bless
Mrs. Ouma


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