My 2019 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

With 2019 still fresh and exciting, there are amazing plans you have for sure, one of them might include planning a baby shower for a friend or even attending one, if that is you then this post is just for you.

Today I am sharing 8 of my 2019 baby shower gift idea and a link of some of the products I recommend, that I believe will help you as you rush through the supermarket for all my last minute sisters out there 🙂

  • Baby Carrier / Baby Sling

This item is so important and really helpful to moms, with my two babies I was so keen in getting one of these to help me make those clinic trips and even go shopping with ease. I love baby sling more, there is a way it just connects you with your baby all day.




  • Downy

There is nothing as beautiful as having your babies clothes smelling good and having a soft texture. I love fabric softeners for my babies clothes and one of the brands that have stood out for me most is downy concentrate, it leaves your clothes smelling awesome and it can last for weeks smelling that great. No mom wont appreciate this as a gift.



  • Baby Wipes and Diapers

This should actually be in the top of my list, nothing is as refreshing as the sight of diapers for any mom. I still get excited when I receive diapers from visitors 🙂


  • Baby clothes

I will be honest that the only time I have bought clothes was when I was nesting for my first born, other than that I have had friends buy my two babies clothes and it has really helped in a great deal. Takes away the stress of moving from one shop to the other.

Minibug’s Closet

  • Breast Pump

For most working moms the need of a breast pump never really comes into mind until the maternity leave comes to an end, so having someone get you this is just a life saver. Plus it also enable you to have your baby exclusively on breast milk for six months.


  • Spa Treat

Giving birth isn’t a joke, whether you deliver naturally or via a C-section, and most of the time as moms we get so involved into the life of our baby(s) that we forget about ourselves. As a mom I have learnt that if you don’t take care of yourself you wont be able to function well. What a better treat can you give a new mom than buying her body wash to have her spa treat at home.

Korean Product

  • Cooked Meal

When you are a new mom, the last thing you think about is what to cook and so I have found this gift to be more than just a gift but an awesome gesture of love. To have a friend knock on your door with a pot of cooked meal is just an awesome sight, true story.

images (1)

  • Photo Album

With the new technology, we have found ourselves storing memories on our phone, and when they shut down on us, they take our memories with it. However, if you haven’t noticed we are slowly going back to the era of print and I am one of those moms who is taking this new era with all the seriousness it deserves. So what other perfect gift of memory can you get a new mom that an album.


Let me know what you think about my list and by the way if I missed something you think should be on that list I can gladly change the number to 10 or even 15 😉

With Love

Betty O.










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