My 2019 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

With 2019 still fresh and exciting, there are amazing plans you have for sure, one of them might include planning a baby shower for a friend or even attending one, if that is you then this post is just for you. Today I am sharing 8 of my 2019 baby shower gift idea and a … Continue reading My 2019 Baby Shower Gift Ideas


Cough and Flu Syrup for babies

picture courtesy of Google As a mummy of two kids every small change in my babies’ wellbeing is always a concern. Especially with this cold weather a cough and a running nose is one of those thing I dread, however, there is nothing one can do other than to treat it once your child has … Continue reading Cough and Flu Syrup for babies

No more Junk

I am seated, watching some soap opera on our local TV stations, deep within I am convinced that I am at the wrong place. Everything about the story is so wrong but I am still seated, I am telling myself it is just a story, fictional for that matter. Secondly, I am keeping my sister-in-law … Continue reading No more Junk


‘You are in my thoughts’; these words have greatly ministered to me over a long year of friendship with one amazing woman.She has taught me to appreciate friends who pray for me not because I have a prayer need, rather they intentionally pray for me regardless of the season I am in. She has allowed … Continue reading Thankful

His Grace

I have been away for a long time, for a moment I couldn't remember how to write a post on blogspot or even to publish it. But I am glad to be back, back from my procrastination and laziness. Has it been worth it......I wish I could say yes. However, my time away has been … Continue reading His Grace