‘You are in my thoughts’; these words have greatly ministered to me over a long year of friendship with one amazing woman.She has taught me to appreciate friends who pray for me not because I have a prayer need, rather they intentionally pray for me regardless of the season I am in. She has allowed … Continue reading Thankful

His Grace

I have been away for a long time, for a moment I couldn't remember how to write a post on blogspot or even to publish it. But I am glad to be back, back from my procrastination and laziness. Has it been worth it......I wish I could say yes. However, my time away has been … Continue reading His Grace

My Captain

Picture from googleAs I journey with Christ my heart is being drawn to His heart desires and needs. Most so often we don't think much about God's needs because we tend to think He has no needs at all. However for us to be alive this day, I believe there is something the Lord wants of … Continue reading My Captain